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Web Application Hosting Simple solutions that will establish your online presence.


At Network Office System, we have a plan to provide tailored hosting environments for custom and business applications. We understand that operating infrastructure for app hosting is a complex and expensive task, which is why we're committed to investing in the necessary expertise and resources to deliver on our promise.

While we don't currently have a team or expertise in place, we're actively working on building the necessary capabilities to provide on-demand scalability that can meet your application workload needs. Our goal is to support a wide range of application platforms and operating systems, so that you can choose the right infrastructure solutions for your business needs.

We recognize that delivering high-performance and flexible infrastructure requires significant investment, and we're committed to doing whatever it takes to ensure that our customers receive the best possible service.

Cloud hosting

At Network Office System, our plan is to have cloud services that offers high-performance solutions for custom applications. We want to provide customizable, scalable, and secure cloud hosting without compromising performance. We're building a team dedicated to maintaining flexible infrastructure to ensure that your cloud hosting experience is seamless and stress-free. We're committed to delivering on-demand scalability, so that you can meet your application workload needs without interruptions.

Agile Cloud
Agile Cloud, a future IaaS platform, will have hybrid hosting capabilities. Why hybrid? Because combines both bare-metal and virtual servers. The choice depends on your environment and your business needs.
Private Cloud
PThis will give you full control over your data, at high performance. Network Office System is planning to offer a flexible and secured environment specially configured for your business.
Cloud Storage
Cloud Storage will meet all your storage needs. We plan to offer data redundancy and integrity protocols which can protect your information.
Managed Hosting

Managed Hosting will meet your particular application’s needs. We're working on to design the best hosting solutions which will help you build the environment that will offer the performance and availability you want, within your budget requirements.

Managed Security

Together with technological evolution, attacks and risks also increased.

Network Office System is planning to help you prevent attacks and help you recover your data at lower costs.

Firewall assessment, configuration and updates will be handled by us so they are up to date and always effective.

Your business will receive proactive network surveillance and monitoring.

Managed Servers

Network Office System will configure the servers with the desired operating system: Windows, Linux, VMware.

It’s not complicated at all, especially that we are going to provide the configuration at hardware, network and OS level, as well as later troubleshooting.

If your business demands it, we are planning to configure the servers with dedicated and redundant switches.

Managed Storage

Your data storage needs increase together with your business development. It is essential to have all your data available at any moment.

Network Office System aims to make sure that whenever your business grows and evolves you will receive the right solutions for your performance needs.

Our future storage services will give you access to on-demand storage for your application without having to spend big.

Backup solutions

As already mentioned, your data is vital for your business. You don’t want to risk anything and this is why backup solutions are important for your business evolution.

Dedicated backup servers are the perfect solution for larger companies which need more storage space in a dedicated environment.

Shared backups, which are more affordable, are available in a shared environment where your critical data is protected.

IP Transit

We're committed to delivering reliable and high-speed IP transit services for our customers as soon as possible. We're working hard to guarantee network performance and minimize latencies, so that you can enjoy stable and consistent connectivity.

As part of our commitment to providing the best possible service, we're investing in the necessary systems and resources to deliver a network that is both reliable and responsive. We're actively working on implementing advanced monitoring capabilities to ensure high availability and optimize network performance.

We recognize the importance of network performance for businesses of all sizes, and we're dedicated to providing the infrastructure solutions you need to succeed. Whether you're looking for fast and reliable IP transit or robust monitoring capabilities, we're can't wait to help you.